Barrier Technologies

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Barrier Technologies is our Partner for Radiation Protection of Personnel and Patients. The exclusively in the USA manufactured Products all come with full 2 Years of Warranty. The innovative and light Radiation Protection Aprons and the Protection Eyewear are highly appreciated by our Swiss Customers out of University and Cantonal Hospitals, Private Clinics, GPs and Veterinary Hospitals all over Switzerland. We also offer tailored Items, Embroidery of Logos and/or Names and most modern outer Fabric Designs.

Furthermore, we offer Sets of Patient Protection Skirts with Spring Steel Belts and Wall Rack. For the Patient Protection in CT we offer our CT Shields for Eye, Thyroid and Breast Protection – simple, lightweight and formable, lead and toxine free and economically good. Medicor is the Swiss Exclusive Distributor for the whole Portfolio.

Bioteque Corp.

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Bioteque Corp. from Taiwan is Manufacturer for high-quality Products in Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiology as well as Neqhrology and Intensive Care.

The outstanding Products are well-known internationally. From Introducer Sheaths,  Angiographic Needles, qualitative Guidewires und Drainage Catheters up to Fluid Collection Bags, Fixation Plasters and Closed Suction Systems Bioteq is offering some really great Products - easy to handle, innovative and economical.

Create Medic

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Create Medic is a leading Japanese manufacturer of innovative and economical products in urology and gastroenterology. From balloon catheters over hematuria catheters to transanal ileus decompression sets we offer all the products exclusively in Switzerland. Our clients include university hospitals , State hospitals and private clinics throughout Switzerland, which only use the best material for the purposes of the patients.

With the transanal ileus decompression set of Create Medic you help your patients not only to a more rapid relief of symptoms but can also reduce the costs of health care - instead of an emergency surgery often can be performed an elective surgery because of the general condition of the patient improved rapidly. With the endoscopic mucosal resection cap polyps can be securely removed, for example at a gastroscopy - the innovative suction-sling-technology is effectively recognized and inexpensive.


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PenBlade is a young Company from the USA, which – led by an Anesthesiologist – makes the most innovative and easy-to-use disposable Safety Scalpels in our Opinion.

They are exclusively distributed in Switzerland by us. To our customers we count University Hospitals, Cantonal Hospitals as well and Private Clinics all over Switzerland, that want to use only the best material for their Patients.

Let us convince You from these Products and contact us today – Every Secound Counts.